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Bill Turnbull  @ Quiz4FREE:  Doing our bit to save the British Pub! Support our cause, go along to your local Pub Quiz. Top trivia.
Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.
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General Knowledge. Bonus Page. Ten Quizzes

 Bonus 1

1.   YES, NEW LEAP (anagram of a dancer)

Wayne Sleep

2.   Who was the leader of the Greek gods


3.   What is the main difference between an alligator and a crocodile

Alligator shows no teeth with it mouth closed

4.   Where was the TV series Magnum set


5.   In American CB jargon what was Mama Bear

A less derogatory term for a female law enforcement officer

6.   In which country is the Algarve


7.   How is a car described that is fitted with an adjustable fabric roof


8.   From what language did we get the words almanac and mattress


9.   Which country in the world has the most post offices


10.        There is no set formula for Planters Punch but on which spirit is it based


11.        Which actress played housekeeper Mrs Hudson in the recent TV adaptation of Sherlock

Una Stubbs

12.        Ukraine's only coastline is on which sea

Black Sea

13.        Ariane, Parkland, Sandown and Elton Beauty are types of which fruit


14.        Which musical instrument is associated with jazz musician Sidney Bechet


15.        Which TV presenter is nicknamed Teapot

Victoria Coren Mitchell

16.        What outfit launched its web empire in 1995 with the online sale of a Douglas Hofstadter book on artificial intelligence

17.        In which daily newspaper did Andy Capp first make an appearance

The Daily Mirror

18.        What swimming stroke did David Wilkie use when winning his 1976 Olympic gold medal


19.        Where was the British warship HMS Dauntless controversially deployed in January 2012

The Falklands

20.        How long is the beam in women's gymnastics

Five metres

Bonus 2

1     THUMP A ROTTEN SHOT (sporting anagram)

Tottenham Hotspur

2     What type of creature is a tokay


3     What would you use in Russian tea instead of milk

A slice of lemon

4     Which British golf course has holes called Cup and Gulley


5     Which American car company manufactured the Barracuda


6     Which country lies between Nicaragua and Panama

Costa Rica

7     What do Boosey and Hawkes sell

Musical instruments and sheet music

8     Which former football league side was once known as Heaton Norris Rovers

Stockport County

9     How many leaves is a lucky clover supposed to have


10  Who had a number one in the eighties with There's No-one Quite Like Grandma

St. Winifred's School Choir

11  Whose death is commemorated on Primrose Day April 19th

Benjamin Disraeli

12  What was the longest river system in the world with no bridges until 2010 when a bridge was opened over Rio Negro, one of its tributaries


13  In which American city was Robert Kennedy assassinated

Los Angeles

14  Who hosted the first episode of Have I Got News for You after Angus Deayton's departure in disgrace in 2002

Paul Merton

15  Which modern weapon was designed and developed by Uziel Gal

Uzi sub machine gun

16  Who in 1901 successfully transmitted the first radio signal across the Atlantic


17  In lonely hearts adverts what does WTT stand for

Willing to travel

18  Which two musical instruments are used in the Japanese Noh dramas

Drums and flute

19  On December 31st 1991 US based Time magazine named which animated TV show as The 20th Century's Best Television Series

The Simpsons

20  Which seafood is known as Norwegian lobster


Bonus 3


1.   WESTERN VIDEO (anagram of a pop star)

Stevie Wonder

2.   What colour sashes were worn by the Puritans in the English civil War


3.   From which university did Mick Jagger drop out to concentrate on The Rolling Stones

London School of Economics

4.   What is the name of the dish in which a chicken breast is stuffed with butter, herbs and garlic

Chicken Kiev

5.   Which cartoon character shares its name with a town in Oxfordshire


6.   Who was the first Frenchman to win the F1 World Championship

Alain Prost

7.   Which gulf separates Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Gulf of Aqaba

8.   Which company makes Imperial Leather products


9.   Which country's car international index mark is CNB


10.        What is the term used If something is not harmful to the environment


11.        What does the cockney rhyming slang orchestra stalls mean


12.        Who presented the first TV gardening programme in 1956

Percy Thrower

13.        Pointing upwards so the lucky power cannot run out, what should be nailed to a house door to keep witches away


14.        What is a young meerkat called

Pup, kitten

15.        What type of drink is the Italian San Pellegrino


16.        In the sport of fencing, what is the name of a blade-work manoeuvre intended to deflect or block an incoming attack


17.        In Paris what are FD Roosevelt, Stalingrad and Louis Blanc

Metro Stations

18.        In October 1992, which singer ripped up a photo of Pope John Paul 11 on Saturday Night Live, after performing a song protesting alleged child abuse by the Catholic Church

Sinead O'Connor

19.        What colour does the greyhound in trap four wear


20.        Complete the proverb, when the cat's away

The mice will play


Bonus 4

1     SINGING BORE (anagram of a criminal)

Ronnie Biggs

2     The Night Manager, a TV miniseries from the BBC, was based on the novels by which author

John Le Carre

3     Which comedian joined Smokie on a 1995 version of Living Next Door To Alice

Roy Chubby Brown

4     In which sport is the term flying mare used


5     Which Internet search engine was shortened to in 2006

6     Which British motor cycle manufacturer made the Comet


7     What ice cream factory is the number one tourist attraction in Vermont

Ben & Jerry's

8     The Zonda is a hot dusty wind which blows in which South American country


9     From which country does the cheese Sage-Derby come


10  What colour are the flowers on the St John's Wort


11  Which defender cost Liverpool three million when he joined them from West Ham in 1993

Julian Dicks

12  Which SF film used the tag line "in space no-one can hear you scream"


13  If you were a pogonophiliac what would you be obsessed by


14  Complete the proverb, oaks fall

When leaves stand

15  How many songs from the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band were released as singles


16  In Greek mythology how many heads did the monster dog Orthos have


17  What does MSc stand for after your name

Master of Science

18  Who plays the part of Sandra Pullman in the TV series New Tricks

Amanda Redman

19  According to the theory of relativity what is the highest speed possible

Speed of light

20  Who is the chief of Asterix the Gaul's tribe


Bonus 5


1     SMARMY OLD Canada (anagram of a former politician)

Ramsay MacDonald

2     Which Irishman had a top ten hit in 1966 with Elusive Butterfly

Val Doonican

3     In Australia what food is called a mystery bag


4     The Hindu god Ganesha is usually shown with the head of which animal


5     In American CB jargon what was Kojak with a Kodak

Law enforcement with a radar gun

6     Which word links maker, case and chair


7     Which magazine shares its name with a Madonna No 1


8     In the Gulf War, by what name was the allied bomber F-117A better known

Stealth Bomber

9     Who was the female host of the Big Ticket game show that was part of the Saturday Night lottery programme in the nineties

Anthea Turner

10  To get a break of 147 in snooker, how many balls would you have to pot

Thirty six

11  What is the more common name for the day of St Stephen's Feast

Boxing Day

12  Which knighted actor had a London theatre named after him in the 1990's

Sir John Gielgud

13  Where do Maoris come from

New Zealand

14  Which vocal group comprised Cass, Michelle, John and Denny

The Mamas and Papas

15  What is the favourite food of the sloth bear or Indian bear


16  What is the small rod called that is used to remove the carbon dioxide from fizzy drinks

Swizzle stick

17  Which Oxfordshire town is host to a world renowned rowing regatta each summer


18  Which car manufacturer received the first royal warrant as a supplier of cars to the Crown


19  What is the state capital of Arkansas

Little Rock

20  By what name is cartoon character Robert Terwilliger known

Sideshow Bob (Simpsons)

Bonus 5

1     UPLOAD HOLY OWL (anagram of someone seen on TV)

Paul Hollywood

2     In which country did the Borzoi dog originate


3     Who played the title role in the 1982 sitcom L for Lester

Brian Murphy

4     Which company launched Rice Krispies in 1929


5     Which mythological creature was a combination of a lion and an eagle


6     What does the cockney rhyming slang Duke of York mean


7     In what year did British Rail withdraw its last steam locomotive

Nineteen sixty eight

8     They say we're young and we don't know won’t find out until we grow, these are lyrics from which hit song

I Got You Babe – Sonny and Cher

9     What newspaper won a Pulitzer Prize for its Watergate coverage

Washington Post

10  In the USA what is a Dear Abby

Agony aunt

11  What was the first South American country to win soccer's world cup


12  In French cuisine if a dish is described a la indienne what would you be served


13  Who had a UK number one in 2015 with What Do You Mean

Justin Bieber

14  What does the Latin term compos mentis mean

Of sound mind

15  Which army regiment founded in 1650 takes its name from the Border's town in which it was formed

The Coldstream Guards

16  Which sporting event was won three times by Bernard Hinault in the 1980's

Tour de France

17  From which language do we get the word pyjamas

Hindi (means drawers)

18  Which TV comedian created the characters of Basildon Bond and Barratt Holmes

Russ Abbot

19  The city of DeKalb, Illinois is credited as the first manufacturing site of what invention that revolutionized ranching in the USA

Barbed wire

20  What type of car was Dennis Weaver driving in the film Duel

Plymouth Valiant

Bonus 6


1     ROPE PLAIN NAG (someone often seen on TV)

Angela Rippon

2     What is the largest member of the mackerel family


3     In nuclear energy what does AGR stand for

Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor

4     What in fishing terms is a gentle

Bluebottle maggot

5     What was the former name of Bangladesh

East Pakistan

6     Who is the character in the Peanuts cartoon who sucks his thumb


7     Who was the first Englishman to win a Nobel Prize for literature

Rudyard Kipling

8     Who designed the Clifton Suspension Bridge

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

9     Which sport features in the 2004 film The Calcium Kid


10  What colour overcoat did cartoon detective Dick Tracy always wear


11  Which British football league club's name begins with five consonants

Crystal Palace

12  Which British motor cycle manufacturer made the Tiger Cub


13  After the USA and Israel, which country has the next largest Jewish population


14  What was the first food sold in an aerosol can


15  Which Poet Laureate wrote novels as Nicholas Blake

Cecil Day-Lewis

16  Who allegedly led the slaves revolt in 73 BC


17  What is the only country whose name in English ends in the letter H


18  How many judges are required to judge a discus competition


19  Which fictional detective lives in a flat next door to Bottle Street Police Station

Albert Campion

20  Who was the artist who won the Turner Prize in 1995 with two animals cut in half

Damien Hirst

Bonus 7


1     HARD SLOW LION (former politician)

Harold Wilson

2     Which New York landmark is known as The Crossroads of the World

Times Square

3     What did Marty McFly call himself when he went back to the wild west in Back to the Future 111

Clint Eastwood

4     Which word links chart, code and billiards


5     Which alkali metal is represented by Fr


6     In the Old Testament what was the name of the last King of Judah


7     Who was the first cricketer to score five in a test match by hitting a fielder's helmet

David Gower

8     Who played Inspector Burnside in The Bill

Christopher Ellison

9     What is the most valuable crop grown in Virginia


10  On which Indonesian island did a volcano erupt in 1883 causing a massive tsunami


11  In which country did the 2015 Tour de France begin


12  Complete the proverb old men for counsel young men for


13  In place names such as Alfreton what does the ton mean

Estate or village

14  Who was the owner of the farm on which the 1969 Woodstock Festival took place

Max Yasgur

15  What animal is known in West Africa as a jocko


16  Who wrote the play Under Milk Wood

Dylan Thomas

17  What caused the permanent closure of the 'Palm Court' 'Café Parisien' and 'Verandah' restaurants in 1912

Titanic sank

18  What is a line joining any two points on a curve called


19  The first American magazine came out in 1741, what was it called

The First American Magazine

20  What did archers at the ancient Olympics use as targets

Tethered doves

Bonus 8


1     DUAL TAN OCCUR (character in many films)

Count Dracula

2     Which animal's milk is the only milk that doesn't curdle when boiled


3     What was Bruce Lee's first Hollywood Kung Fu film

Enter the Dragon

4     What does the Latin phrase "In toto" mean


5     In 1991, which British boxer said "Boxing's just show business with blood

Frank Bruno

6     Which sign of the Zodiac is represented by a goat


7     In which sport is the Stanley Cup competed for

Ice hockey

8     What creature appears in the coat of arms of Berlin


9     How many Olympic golds did pole-vaulter Serge Bubka win


10  What was the largest bomber used by the Americans in Vietnam

The B52

11  Who was the author of Hard Times and Bleak House

Charles Dickens

12  What is a piece of music written for nine instruments called


13  What would a dendrologist study


14  What is Britain's oldest national newspaper

Glasgow Herald

15  Who was the first Scotsman to be transferred between two English clubs for a million pounds

Andy Gray

16  What puzzle game whose name means 'single number' was popularized by Nikoli in its native country in 1986 before gaining international popularity from 2005 onwards


17  Who played the part of Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle in the TV series Foyle's War

Michael Kitchen

18  On which day of the year does the church celebrate Jesus' entry into Jerusalem

Palm Sunday

19  What are Keele, Scratchwood and Frankley

Motorway service stations

20  Which country is the world`s biggest producer of maple syrup


Bonus 9


1     What is the only English anagram of the word BARGAINED


2     In which country was the Sir Walter Scott novel Quentin Durward set


3     What is it called when animals go to sleep for the winter


4     If you were eating cervelles in France what would you be eating


5     Which husband and wife team wrote several hits for Petula Clark

Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent

6     What colour is titian


7     Which newspaper did Rupert Murdoch buy in June 1987


8     With which business was Max Factor who died in 1996 associated


9     In which English town or city was the first trolley bus service

Leeds (1911)

10  When playing Bridge what is the name given to a hand that contains nothing higher than a nine


11  Traditionally what colour dress would a Chinese bride wear


12  In Greek mythology, Aeolus was the ruler of which weather feature

The winds

13  What does the lady in the cafe order after Sally finishes proving to Harry that he can't tell the difference between a real and a faked orgasm in "When Harry Met Sally

I'll have what she's having

14  What is the cockney rhyming slang for a Judge

Barnaby Rudge

15  What is the most common language in East Africa


16  In the Hindu faith what is a guru

Spiritual teacher

17  In which town is the Circus Tavern home of the PDC World Darts Championships


18  Who captained the basketball Dream Team at the Barcelona Olympics

Larry Bird

19  In which ocean is the Bermuda Triangle


20  Who played DC Isobel DePauli in the police drama series Liverpool 1

Samantha Janus

Bonus 10


1     NO FUEL WORTH FEE (TV show)

Wheel Of Fortune

2     Often found in the bathroom, is a loofah animal, vegetable or mineral


3     Which brand of alcohol is named after a Welsh pirate

Captain Morgan rum

4     In American CB jargon what was a fighter pilot

Someone changing lanes often

5     Who had a number one in the eighties with Every Loser Wins

Nick Berry

6     Which day of the week is the Moslem Sabbath


7     In what game would you encounter the Sicilian Defence (you’re not playing against Sicily at anything)


8     Who took over from Amanda Redman in New Tricks

Tamzin Outhwaite

9     What is the capital of Andorra

Andorra La Vella

10  What invention of the Greenland Inuit is also derogatory slang for an outdoor hobbyist who observes or collects things


11  Which ballet has the alternative title The Girl With Enamel Eyes


12  Who is the second god of the Hindu Triad


13  What date is Lammas day

August 1st

14  Newspapers come is various sizes, broadsheet, tabloid etc but what name is given to the smallest size.


15  In what country was gymnast Beth Tweddle born

South Africa

16  Which 1986 film used the advertising tag line One man's struggle to take it easy

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

17  Clinophobiais the fear of what

Going to bed

18  If in the NATO Alphabet Alpha stands for A what word stands for L


19  Whose video titled Like a Prayer was banned by the Vatican


20  Who was the first British boxer to win the super heavyweight Olympic title

Audley Harrison


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